Quilting on the go... English Paper Piecing BLOG TOUR (Last Stop)

Finally it's my turn for this blog tour! It has been quite some time since I am really excited about sharing something. I mean, I learnt a new handsewing technique over this summer vacation! Picking up this rather daunting new skill was what I had been avoiding for years. Well you know, I am very comfortable with normal handsewing. But sewing with papers... not really.

Until that day on IG when I happened to see Sharon's new book. Oh... the very beautiful book cover!

So I asked Sharon (quite nervously) where I could get her book and when she replied if I would love to join her blog tour, I hesitated. What is english paper piecing (EPP)? It's an area yet to be explored by me. There's a high chance I couldn't finish sewing anything to show. It was so tough to say yes. But Sharon was really nice to reassure she could help whenever I asked.

A month long of summer vacation was spent searching for paper pieces from local stores, glueing fabric to papers, handsewing tiny stitches. I have to admit it was a pretty stressful period. I could not find the paper pieces of the right sizes and had to just settle for what I found. And the book did not arrive before I flew off. My kids were asking to go out for some summer fun so I did not have much time to sew. Oh my, too much distraction. The only time to sew was night time when everyone was asleep. Sewing tiny stitches at night proved to be eye straining. As a newbie, it took me a rather long time to figure out EPP.

I was really afraid that I could not finish on time.

But very very fortunately, I did complete not one, but two EPP projects just yesterday! Yay!! I can't tell you how proud I am or how my smile beamed after the last stitch. The happiness and satisfaction was seriously overwhelming! It sounds really ridiculous but my heart was bursting with pride and admiration for myself to successfully finish these two projects that I personally love so much!

note: both projects are made based on my own measurements since my paper pieces are much smaller .

1: Patchwork Block Keeper

This is a project I love so much. I made it to keep all my patchwork blocks for my quilt along. It is my first ever EPP project so I took a lot of time to try and correct my mistakes. From the way of glueing to stitching with papers attached, it took me a while to get used to this kind of handsewing. I wasn't sure I like it initially. But it was clearly addictive.

The more I EPP, the more I was motivated to get all the pieces sewn together. So slowly after much thread unplucking, I finally finished the whole EPP for this project. That was when I started to think: hey, it's not so bad afterall. I actually started to like EPP.

The fun thing about EPP is that you can fussy cut to make an artwork. I'll try it next time if there's a chance.

I used normal quilting thread to piece together because I wanted to see my stitches. If I do them well enough.

My paper pieces are much smaller than the required size. And my stitches did not allow me to open the seams. So I decided to appliqué it directly on the background fabric after removing the papers.

Lace and motifs again my favourite thing to do.

Just perfect for my patchwork blocks!

2: Clamshell Dilly Bag

This bag has to be my favourite no doubt. I learnt so much just by sewing the clamshells! That you only need to glue the curved top and also to keep the side papers attached for easier connecting. These clamshells took a big bulk of my time to sew together. I was so grateful when it was finally done!

I added pleats for the round bottom (because my measurement for the round template was a little smaller). I like to play around with fabric combination so I used a checkered fabric for the bottom and not the beige background fabric.

No inner pockets. Just a basic drawstring pouch with a pretty checkered lining.

To save time making the casing, I used uncut fabric tags instead. That's what zakka sewing is about i think. Easy sewing with whatever you have to make pretty things to make yourself happy.

Valdani thread for hand quilting details. How charming the bag became!

This book is wonderfully written with beautiful pictures and easy to understand instructions/explanations.  There's a whole section for techniques that you can read and learn. The book is also printed in a larger format so reading is much easier. The projects are amazing and worth every try. As a EPP newbie, this is definitely the book to buy to learn and keep.

**I wish to give a huge thank you to my dear friend Kristyne for gifting her very pretty debut fabric collection "First Romance" with Moda Fabrics to me so I could use them for the above two projects! You are the best!**

Thank you Sharon for trusting that I could do it as a complete beginner with EPP. I think you believed in the right person. Congrats for writing such a fantastic book! And thank you Tuva Publishing for sending the book!

For so many sleepless nights, I can finally take a good break from EPP and sleep in peace from tonight. But give me any EPP projects now, I am still game for another try!xx

Wonderful Things Blog Tour

Hello! How is everyone's summer vacation? We had a great and restful one back in Singapore for a month. Eat, sleep, play, repeat. Every single day. Now we are back in Thailand waiting for new school term to start... The kids had been asking about school. I think they had enough fun for summer, that's why they can't wait to go back for new learning. Isn't that wonderful?

Thank you so much Bonnie (@goinghometoroost) for asking me to join her blog tour! I haven't worked much with Art Gallery Fabrics so I am very glad I did this time. The quality of prints are gorgeous. Bonnie's new collection "Wonderful Things" are both dreamy and inspirational. Oh, I love her new farmhouse too! It's way too beautiful!

Working with "Wonderful Things" fabrics made me really happy. I can't really say why. But my heart speaks from the subtle enjoyment and silent encouragement from cutting to sewing with the beautiful fabrics.

Yes, I made four things in a day.

1: Inspiration Fame

I had to make this frame for our new home. It has a special place in the living room where no one can missed it. The quote is so close to my heart and it is something my kids hear everyday that "they will be something they love and understand". And they remind themselves good things happen throughout their lives to treasure and appreciate. I love them so much.

2: Lunch tote

This one is for my daughter. She has this girly thing about cute lunch boxes. This is an easy tote with a wide base. I love the quote so much too I had to fussy cut it just to make the tote.

3: Wall Hanging

The gloomy and rainy season here inspired me to make this cloud and rain wall hanging. It now hangs in the room where I sit and read or crochet when I need a rest from everyday routine.

4: Last minute double zipper pouch

I call this last minute because it was made before I planned to sleep after a whole day of (albeit, interrupted) sewing. I was inspired to make this pouch after seeing the headphones and loose coins lying around on the dining table where I was sewing. The idea woke my sleepy brain and I took a few blunders to sew it correctly with no raw edges.

Thank you again Bonnie for sending your beautiful fabrics! Since I only have four prints... I must buy the whole collection! Especially the sunny yellow ones!xx

side note: As I'm typing this post, I'm hearing the kids' laughter and play in the living room. It sounds cheesy but this wonderful moment... xx

Kewpie Christmas by Kewpie for Riley Blake Fabrics

I am not going to kid you how much I love Kewpie doll and Kewpie Mayonnaise. First, the dolls are way too adorable with their innocent faces. And the latter, so very yummy on salad and sandwiches. These two things are what I can't live without.

But Kewpie fabrics??

They are the BEST.

If you are sewing for Christmas this year, you have to get Kewpie Christmas collection definitely. I promise you that you will fall in love with it as much as I did. Your kids will be over the moon too with those cutesy prints and colours. I cannot believe that Penny Rose Fabrics has gotten it as their licensed product so we can get them very easily!

Aren't the designs irresistible? I have already started my christmas sewing in this hot June summer because I can't wait any longer looking at the sweet Kewpie faces.

It took me quite a while to decide what to make. I didn't want to ruin the bundle kindly sent by Penny Rose. So the research went on for a few weeks until I decided to use a few block patterns from Sherri Falls new book "Winter Wonderland". It was the perfect choice.

So I made four blocks from the book using machine piecing. And crochet around the sides to make them into coasters for gifting. Then last minute I changed my mind and join three blocks together to make a wall hanging at the doorway for this coming christmas. It turned out really pretty and christmassy!

My crochet idea was hugely inspired by Tiffany Behmer from fannyludesigns. Since our squares are not of the same size and also using a different kind of yarn, I had to redesign the edgings to suit my blocks. The stitches and designs are not perfect but I like them anyway.

Christmas tree block with white crochet edging.

Sweet candy block with green crochet edging.

Happy present block with red crochet edging.

I used a disposable chopstick for hanging purpose. Looking country-style and sweet at the same time.

For the last pretty wreath block, I turned it into a drawstring bag for sweet christmas treats everyday! It wasn't hard to make the drawstring so i tried to make it a little different with the base.

Triangle corner at the base.

Details. Machine quilting around the wreath.

Lucky me to have this ribbon kept for more than ten years.

The red and green stripes make perfect binding fabric.

I love this drawstring bag so much that I'll make another few more as gifts! Of course using Kewpie Christmas fabrics too!

You can get Kewpie Christmas fabrics herehere and here.

Thank you Riley Blake Fabrics and remember to start sewing for christmas right away if you have time!xx